Completion Day: You’re almost there. After a seemingly endless procession of surveys and searches, today is the day where you finally move in to your new home! The kids are ready, everything is bubble wrapped and packed neatly into the van and you are chomping at the bit to get into your new home, Read More

Will Aid to celebrate 30 years. Will Aid, an initiative which raises money for charity whilst targeting the 51% of Britons who don’t have a Will is celebrating its 30th year. Will Aid takes place every November and lasts for the whole month. It sees legal firms from across the country pledge a portion of, Read More

Should you own your property as joint tenants or tenants in common? Pride of ownership and security are some of the best aspects of owning a home. Yet when two or more people decide to purchase a home together, they must decide on how to take title to the property. There are two options:, Read More

“I’m worried that an estate that I’m an executor of is insolvent. What should I do?” There are a lot of misconceptions around what happens in an insolvent estate. Many people believe that a person’s debts will be ‘written off’ when they die. Unfortunately this is not normally the case. Some executors also worry, Read More

Staff at Wheelers Solicitors support local charities. Each nominated charity will receive a £100 donation from the firm. Solicitors and support staff at Wheelers Solicitors support local charities by nominating a charity to receive a £100 donation from the firm. Charities chosen range from local charities including Mountbatten and Women on the Wight through, Read More

“Do I need a Grant of Probate?” is one of the most common questions we hear at Wheelers Solicitors after a loved one has died. It can be confusing when there is a valid Will in place but some organisations are asking for a Grant of Probate and some are not. A person’s Will, Read More

Why Choose Wheelers? Buying a house is always the beginning of something new, often something exciting. Wheelers Solicitors are a local firm, rooted in the Isle of Wight Community. We are well placed to support you through the conveyancing process, making your experience a good one; one that you’ll remember for all the right reasons., Read More

Will writing on the Isle of Wight scheme success for local charity Will writing on the Isle of Wight was a profitable experience for Island charity Age UK.  Local solicitors on the Isle of Wight including Wheelers Solicitors were proud to support Age UK in their Will writing scheme again this year. Age UK, Read More

Did you know that half the population hasn’t made a Will? “Do I need a Will?” is a question a lot of people ask. Three-quarters of the population have a Will in place by the time they are 65, but that still leaves a sizeable number uncovered. Around 60,000 estates each year are ‘intestate’, Read More

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney is the only way that someone can choose who they trust to manage their affairs if they lose mental capacity and aren’t able to do so themselves. Shaun Elliott, Customer Service Manager at the Office of the Public Guardian, outlines a few things to think about when completing, Read More