Choosing the best solicitor: Communication is key

SCommunication is key ¦ Wheelers staff sat on sofapringtime brings the traditional pick-up in the housing market, with many home-owners sprucing up their properties for sale.

But just as important as the DIY is to consider is all the administrative work involved in the buying and selling process.

Choosing the best conveyancing solicitor is key: a good one will thoroughly investigate all the legal aspects of your transaction, highlighting any problems and working to rectify them. These could include issues over rights of access, as well as guidance on which environmental and building surveys to undertake, for a full and accurate picture of the property.

Surveys by the Solicitors Regulation Authority show that clients’ top priority is good communication from their solicitors – and shows the frustration that can result if communication is poor.

At Wheelers Solicitors, this is one issue that is unlikely to arise. Our conveyancing solicitors Jacob Sandbach, Laura Barton and Paul Wheeler all have dedicated support staff who will take clients’ calls if the solicitor is unavailable. It may explain why, in the past four months 99.95% of clients said they would recommend us to their family and friends.

If you don’t have an established relationship with a solicitor, you may just use the firm recommended by your estate agent. It’s worth knowing that Wheelers Solicitors is one of the few firms on the Island that doesn’t pay a referral fee to estate agents for recommendations, so we will only ever be recommended on merit.

For a free guide to the conveyancing process, or a competitive quote, call 01983 533938 or explore our website for more information. You can also contact us here.

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