Good solicitors near me? Isle of Wight

Are there any good solicitors near me?

good solicitors near me | Wheelers Solicitors | Newport, Ryde and Cowes Isle of WightCan you answer the question: “are there any good solicitors near me?”, it can be more complicated than it might first appear.

Some people are fortunate enough to have a relationship with their local solicitors similar to that of the traditional family doctor. Their parents may have used the firm for their conveyancing and Wills and now they find themselves buying their first home so they use the same solicitor.

A trusted relationship is therefore built up over time and in complicated situations the solicitor already knows the history and can help assist with the trickier problems that can arise.

If you don’t have a solicitor that you or your family have used before then how do you know who to choose? Here are our 5 key things to look for when asking for recommendations or getting quotes:

Are they good at communication?

The main cause of complaint about solicitors firms is a lack of communication. It doesn’t help that law firms tend to write letters in order to advance cases when people are so accustomed to instant messaging now.

Has your solicitor provided you with an email address for them and do they have an assistant who can take your call if they are unavailable?

Are they friendly?

Solicitors can suffer from a bit of an image problem. There is the stereotype of the grand lawyer sat behind an antique desk with a ceiling high bookshelf filled with dusty tomes and an air of grandeur and pomposity.

Some clients are nervous about talking to solicitors as they know they have a very high level of education and can get carried away with their own jargon.

The point of a solicitor is to be able to help ordinary people navigate the law in relation to the real world things they have to deal with like making a Will or creating Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Do they genuinely want to help you or make money at every turn?

Solicitors have studied and trained long and hard to gain the expertise and skills they need to help their clients. They carry a lot of responsibility and if they were to make mistakes they can be costly for everyone involved so it is fair that their time is valuable.

However, you can tell a lot about a firm of solicitors from whether they seem willing to share their expertise freely or whether they lock themselves in an ivory tower and the only way to gain access to their knowledge is to pay money for all the time you spend with them.

Does your solicitor offer a free-half hour consultation for you to discuss your problem with them before committing to a course of action or fearing for the impact on your wallet?

Are there any good solicitors near me?

local solicitors near me helping charities | Wheelers Solicitors in Newport, Ryde and Cowes Isle of WightWhile it is possible to use an ‘online-only’ conveyancing firm or have your Will written for you after filling in a form. Is this really the best way to proceed with these important and complex matters?

Having good “solicitors near me” means that you can pop in to their office at times more convenient to you (before or after work, during lunch time) or that if you need them to visit you at home it can be arranged very easily.

A local solicitor will also have knowledge of local issues that may affect your matter.

good solicitors near me | Age UK Isle of Wight Will writing scheme | Wheelers Solicitors in Newport, Ryde and Cowes Isle of WightA good local solicitor will also work to play a role amongst the community. Bringing their legal expertise to help in the running and organisation of community projects and using their marketing budget to help support local charities and arts organisations by advertising in their programmes or sponsoring their events.

Do people recommend them? Are they well known in your area?

Reputation is important in any community. Solicitors may have the flashiest website, the biggest posters and the catchiest tag-line but if they do not provide a good service then their clients will not return to them and will not recommend that other people use them.

In August 2018 54% of Wheelers Solicitors new files opened were instructions from returning existing clients, 14% were new clients recommended by friends and family, 17% were recommendations from other professionals and 15% were brand new clients to the firm.

In the last quarter to date 100% of our clients said that they would recommend us to family and friends.

How Wheelers Solicitors in Newport, Isle of Wight, can help you

If you would like to talk to us about a legal issue related to any of the following:

  • Residential & Commercial Conveyancing
  • Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate
  • Asset Protection, Trusts

Call us on (01983) 533938 or contact us here or via Laura our digital assistant to arrange a free half-hour consultation.

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