Have you made a Will?

Recent research carried out for the Royal London Mutual Insurance Society has revealed that 5.4 million adults admit to having no idea where to begin when it comes to writing a Will. (Today’s Wills and Probate).

Did you know that over half the population have not made a Will?

“Do I need a Will?” is a question a lot of people ask themselves and many people are put off making a Will because they do not fully understand the process or feel that a Will is unnecessary for their circumstances.

The most traditional and popular route of having a Will drawn up is instructing a solicitor or other legal professional. Using a solicitor or other legal professional will ensure that the Will is drafted and signed correctly and that your wishes are carried out when it comes to who inherits what.

Mona Patel, a consumer spokesperson for Royal London, said: “It is incredibly important to have a Will, not just to protect your finances but to make sure vital decisions, such as who will look after your children, are noted. Once you have a will, you should update it after any significant life events that could affect your financial situation, such as getting married, divorced or starting a family. Taking these important steps allows you to have peace of mind knowing that when you’re gone your wishes will be met.”

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Wheelers Solicitors can fully support you in all stages of creating a Will and take the time to fully explain the process to you. If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss making a Will, please phone the office on (01983) 533938 or contact us here.


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