O2 Millennium Dome Walk 2018

He’s done it again!

As some of you may remember in 2017, along with his son Lewis, Paul Wheeler took on the challenge of scaling the O2 Millennium Dome in order to raise money for Rotary International’s campaign to eradicate Polio and Roll out the Barrel. They completed the challenge and raised £160.

On 23rd February 2018 Paul took on the challenge once again in aid of these wonderful charities. He raised an impressive £345.00 from both client donations and individual sponsors.

These donations will go towards the continued efforts of Rotary International’s campaign to end Polio worldwide. Also, for Roll out the Barrel who provide innovative water transportation devices for families and communities across the world.

When the campaign to eradicate Polio began in 1985 Polio was endemic with over one thousand cases a day reported in the 1980’s causing death or permanent infirmary in children and adults alike.

In 2015, as a direct result of the Rotary led campaign, there were just 75 cases reported throughout the year, a reduction of 99.9%.

Wheelers Solicitors would like to take the opportunity to thank all who donated and supported Paul in his challenge. We will continue our efforts to do our bit to raise awareness of these worthwhile charities.

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