Rotary International End Polio Now: A Heartfelt Thank You

As a result of the enormous generosity of our clients, Wheelers Solicitors are proud to announce that we have raised the following amounts for the Rotary International’s End Polio Now Campaign:

  • Paul’s O2 climb: Back in February of this year Paul Wheeler once again took on the challenge of scaling the mighty O2 Millennium Dome for Rotary International’s End Polio now campaign and succeeded in raising an impressive £585.
  • Polio Pig: Since the beginning of the year our clients have donated £33 to our “Polio Pig” which is situated next to the drinks machine in our reception area.
These totals combined amount to an impressive £618!

But there’s more.

For every £1 that we raise for End Polio Now, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledges an additional £2.

This means that in the last year, together we have managed to raise a whopping £1,854 for Rotary International!

As a direct result of your generosity, reported cases of Polio have been reduced by over 99% since 1988. Wheelers Solicitors would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our clients who have contributed to this worthy cause.

Thank you.

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